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Let’s yoga.

Daily, online, live classes

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Each class pack below includes 5 LIVE classes specially designed to help you commit from Monday to Friday.

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Hint: Use the discount code INTRO50 to get 50% off yoga classes.

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Rebecca Jane will send you a Zoom link before each session.

Class Packs



7 – 7:30 am

Deep breathing

Flowing postures

Building core strength

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8 – 8:30 am

Reverse ageing

Full body stretch

Invigorates muscles

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30 min daily yoga class

Sent daily

Enjoy in own time

Stretch out, feel great

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Prefer once-weekly, 60-minute classes? We got you covered.



8 – 9 am


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Video only

60 minutes Saturday


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See the full timetable + book class packs


The class packs are designed so that you commit to 5 classes in a row.

Ideally you would book them before Monday’s class and commit to every class during that week (M,T,W,Th,F).

However, if you purchase the classes before Wednesday’s class, for example, no problem! You would then commit to 5 classes in a row starting Wednesday (W,Th,F,and the following Monday and Tuesday). This rule applies to booking before any day in the week.

Sure, just book one or more individual class HERE.

Join our WhatsApp group HERE for latest last minute news on Live Face to Face in person classes in Boston Manor Park on Saturdays also streamed live during the summer.

Meet on the grass next to GSK on the path to the canal. Map below

Unfortunately there is insufficient demand to restart Classes on Brentford Dock. For the latest news on our summer outdoor live classes join the WhatsApp group HERE 

Giving a gift of yoga classes is a treasure experience. An opportunity for your recipient to enjoy the yoga experience and share the benefit of good health and improved wellbeing.

Gift vouchers are available in classpacks of 2 or 3 weeks. You decide we do the rest.

We will send you a gift voucher for you to send onto your loved one. It will contain all instructions and we will help them set up their account and join the classes.

The voucher is for classpacks of the 8.00am Gentle Stretch. You can advise if the 3pm Senior Yoga would be more suitable. We will arrange.

Book your gift voucher here

About Rebecca Jane

Yoga teacher Rebecca Jane is an eternal creative, she shares 25 years experience as a psychotherapist, yoga & mindfulness teacher, motivational speaker and writer.

Rebecca Jane teaches her yoga like she writes with a playful and imaginative slant, exposing students to yoga practices that open doors to new ways of moving, thinking and being.

Her thematic classes are Live & Online, 30 minutes daily and come in packs of 5 consecutive days. The regularity, short classes and live streaming are what makes her classes stand out from others.

Mindful mantras feature in every class blending Rebecca’s unique style of yoga and meditation. A distinctive experience designed to keep students motivated, physically strong and flexible and mentally resilient.

Yoga Benefits and Outcomes


Workshops & Mindful writings

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