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Teacher Rebecca Jane

Yoga teacher Rebecca Jane is an eternal creative, she shares 25 years experience as a psychotherapist, yoga & mindfulness teacher, motivational speaker and writer.

Rebecca Jane teaches her yoga like she writes with a playful and imaginative slant, exposing students to yoga practices that open doors to new ways of moving, thinking and being.

Her thematic classes are Live & Online, 30 minutes daily and come in packs of 5 consecutive days. The regularity, short classes and live streaming are what makes her classes stand out from others.

Mindful mantras feature in every class blending Rebecca’s unique style of yoga and meditation. A distinctive experience designed to keep students motivated, physically strong and flexible and mentally resilient.

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Sunrise Yoga 7-7.30am Mon-Fri Live

30 minutes energising stretch out yoga, some light hearted banter and a daily mantra to start your day.

Deep morning breathing, flowing postures building core strength. A little and often! No two classes are ever the same.

“Just what I need in this new existence, some calmness, mindfulness, normality and exercise.  Perfect.” Lucy (London)


Gentle Stretch Yoga 8-8.30am Mon-Fri Live

Reverse the aging process with a full body stretch that invigorates tired, tight muscles, stimulates brain cells and energises.

Rejuvenate our body and mind with a gentle yoga practice keeping you mentally alert, active for a more productive and brighter day.

“I have noticed a profound change in my physical and mental health since starting” Jane (Exeter)


Slow Flow Yoga 12-12.30pm Mon-Fri Live

Release stored up tension, breathe deeply, stretch out to feel great in your body.

30 minute yoga for balancing the mind and body. Gentle twists, postures, stretches and breath work. Perfect for beginners and returning yogis. Provides space and time to nourish and replenish yourself. Small steps of life changing self discovery.

“My best investment during lockdown” Anon, London


Yoga for Seniors 

3-3.30pm Mon-Fri Live

Regain your youth, reverse the ageing process, revitalise your life. Short regular gentle exercise achieves results.

Chair based yoga postures combined with standing stretches and strengtheners.  You will notice a dramatic improvement  in your posture, muscle strength and tone in your legs, arms, and tummy.

“I used to not be able to easily get out of my deep bath, now I can, my arms and tummy are stronger than ever” Margaret (Chichester)



benefits & outcomes


benefits & outcomes


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