Desperado’s Encounter with Awe

Take a journey with me

Through the streets of Awe

Living in one of the ram shackled flats lives Desperado

A crinkled old man, a wrinkle in time, sitting amongst his haberdashery of things

Grimacing as he picks his shrunken body up off his food stained armchair

Out the window he looks, capturing a glimpse of Awe, the street

The sun streams through the gaps of the buildings

Looking closer he sees a woman leaning against the adjacent building with her face directed towards the sun

She smiles quietly to herself, seemingly enjoying the warmth of the sun

Desperado, is mesmerised, not only is it her outer beauty

Her soft, brown curly hair, and red sumptuous lips

He sees something else, that he cannot place

Attempting to retreat back onto his chair, something stops him,

He continues to stand and stare

Hoping she does not catch him

Something in him has changed he cannot explain, it was as if a light was turned on

His dirty, blackened chair had lost its appeal,

The TV blaring in the background turned obnoxious

Maybe he’s going crazy, he thought

Agitated by this realisation that beauty existed beyond his grimy walls

She stood for what appeared to be for ages, the sun dappling the streets

Spreading like a wildfire across every other building, her face softening with each breath

His flat oddly did not get the sun, it was always dark

Until the eyes of the woman at last opened, she caught his gaze

And she smiled,

His face contorted, caught off guard, his permanent scowl now etched on his lips

To his amazement he smiled back

Seconds after, a stream of sunlight shot through his window, warming his face

He knew then, in that moment, his life had changed forever

His rotten chair and blaring TV existence were no more

He was awestruck, in love, captivated by the beauty and the streaming sun

A smile now lingers on Desperado’s mouth, as he directs his face towards the sun

Take a pause: Searching for Awe?

Find a stream of sunlight, place your face in its path; you found it

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