Building a Chocolate Mountain when Things Look Bleak

Is it possible to look forward when things look so bleak?

Read til the end, the answer lies there.

Wind and rain pelting against her bedroom windows, in the distance sounds of sirens; she wonders if someone is hurt.

Her mind goes straight there.

Another rant

She tires of these incessant, whirly top, thoughts of bleakness, yet, how can she change?

The world is indeed a dark place.

Fires destroying lands of perpetual beauty.

In her hands she touches yet another plastic container, holding her pesticide fruit. Where does the container end up?

How dreary the future seems?

Another ice cap melts, raising the seas to unfathomable levels.

She squeezes her eyes as tight as possible, hoping that once open, things will be different.

How can she possibly look towards the future with delight?

Recalling her childhood dreams of changing the world; the future used to look bright.

One day she would fall in love as her romantic stories portrayed, have a home with a white picket fence, flowers hanging from window boxes, and children who are free to explore the garden and afar.

She takes a pause from her rant.

Looking outside the rain swept window, a glimmer of hope singes her depressingly consumed brain. There’s a parting of the clouds, a ray of sun shoots through the split, a seagull floats across the roof tops, swooping down to snatch a juicy worm.

Life goes on despite it all.

Why not live with hope and dreams, instead of gloomy thoughts; create mountains of peanut butter cups, drizzled in chocolate sauce.

Is it possible to look forward when things look so bleak?


Look towards the beautiful things.

The lushness of the grass

The suns flamboyant entry following a storm.

Notice when a stranger smile, just because; opens the door for you, just because.

Open your eyes to the wonder in front of you, without sticking your head in the sand.

There is more brilliance out there than bleakness, it’s just the stories being told and what we choose to listen to.

Take a pause: Create your own chocolate mountain

Create your own chocolate mountain, smother it with sprinkles, saturate it with cream.

Life is delicious and sweet

Look beyond the sombre news and muddy trails, left behind by dirty boots.

Choose to gaze forward with delight.

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