Too busy to have a purpose

Busy and Purpose are next door neighbours.

Arriving home Busy sinks into the couch, switches on the TV.

No energy left from the day to cook dinner.

Sinking his hands into a bag of crisps, sipping on his tepid beer.

Busy had rushed around all day bouncing from task to task.

Too tired to peel himself off the couch, wondering what he had accomplished.

His day looked like this:

Opened email, answering email, spoke to Busy #2 about the shenanigans the night before.

Toilet break, stop and get coffee.

Back to emails, called a customer,

Busy #3 stopped by giggled about Busy #2, Lunch time.

Busy was too busy, so he ate at his desk.

Now Purpose returned home about the same time.

He saunters through his door with a bag of groceries.

Takes a deep breath before immersing himself in his dinner creation.

Purpose’s day would be described as fruitful.

The day began with taking deep breath.

Writing a list of 5 items that needed to be achieved, with a goal for the day.

Moving slowly, efficiently, methodically from one task to the next.

Driven by purposefulness rather than haste.

His lunch eaten with some of the other Purposes.

Although sometimes one of the Busy’s slips in, when they have time.

Busy, unlike Purpose, too often cannot recall what he accomplished during his days.

While Purpose always remembers.

Though Purpose and Busy are neighbours they rarely see each other.

Busy is too tired and distracted to notice Purpose.

Purpose isn’t that interested in Busy; he is a boring soul.

There’s no room in Busy’s life to learn new things, he’s too distracted.

TV and the phone are Busy’s outlets, sometimes he goes to the pub for a laugh.

Who would you like to hang out with? Which one is you?

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