Caught in the Middle Again!

“At the worst of it I no longer wanted to drink and no longer wanted to be sober”.

Stephen King

Caught in the middle again

Caught between a rock and a hard place

Turn to the right, to the left, or go straight?

Stuck in the middle, betwixt and between

Where are you?

On the fence

One finger in the dike

Come on mate make a decision!

Should I ____, no I can’t, it’s not the time

Should I leave my job or stay

Get married or not

Stop drinking or not

Take that class or not

Write that story or not

Exercise or not

Not today

Not today is the Get Out for Free card for the day

Not Today’s are evasions, ducks, dodges

Not Today’s love the couch, especially the remote

With a phone the second runner-up

Mine a nap

Not Today’s adore tomorrows, despise yesterdays

Tomorrow provides a reprieve for now

Relief sets in once tomorrow becomes an option

Of course, tomorrow always comes (or you hope so)

Not Today’s awake hungover from the night binge

Guilt ridden for having deferred again

What to do? Should I, or shouldn’t I?

Weather’s bad, give it a miss this time

Let’s wait until New Year’s or Go Sober Month

Stick out that job for today

Not today

I’ll start tomorrow

Caught in the middle again

Take a pause: Making a decision

If you relate to this piece, then decide to decide

Take a deep breath, visualise making the decision

Notice how you feel when you’ve taken action

As opposed to inaction

Even if it is a step towards the final goal

Take the step!

Less thinking, more action

Consider also

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And what are you doing for World Mental Health Day?