No one cares, no one’s there

Her bottom bopping, twisting and turning, looped to looping

Hip swaying, she dances alone… no body’s watching

Her body jettisons concern of right and wrong, appropriate or inappropriate

The body just is, it does what it likes, loves what it does

Writhing, wriggling, spellbound… in the moment

Life is good, fingers snap, she possesses her body, it’s hers alone

No one cares, no one’s there

Self-conscious thoughts swept away

Her smile frozen to her face, as her legs lift and kick

Dropping to the ground, giggling with delight

Dance as if nobody’s watching, she whispers

When you are free to be you, your spirit alights with wings

Your body liberates itself from the constraints of repetitive movements…sitting, standing, walking, sitting, standing, walking…

Tension fizzles and drains out of fingertips and toes

A whoosh of air exhaling, expels a deeper release

She loves to dance, painting her pleasures and joys, pains and insufferable longings onto an invisible canvas

Creating the most outlandish pictures, that tell whimsical stories of childhood dreams and teenage infatuations

Blood pulses through her body, her bosom heaves rhythmically 

Oh, to dance like nobody’s watching

To not care a toss, to be you in all your glory

No need to pretend, put a brave face on, or watch your words

Your body has its own language

Dancing is her soul singing, drinking up the nectar of life’s delight

It feeds her soul, allows it to come out to play

Giving it the space to explore its curious nature

Acquiescing to its simple pleasures and greatest desires 

Eventually she withers to the ground from sheer exhaustion

Sweat glistening on her chocolate coloured skin

Lying flat on her back wrapping her arms around her moist, sinewy shoulders

Smiling from ear to ear, life is good 

What a delight to dance like nobody’s watching

No one’s there, no one cares 

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