Do something great, before it’s too late

Pressures on, come on get going, create a tweetable moment

Have you mother?

Achieved a Ph.D., written that bestselling novel?

What ladder have you climbed, not the corporate one

I don’t recall you standing up for a cause,

Screaming, wildly with defiance

Though I look into her soft, gentle eyes and see something

I cannot place a finger on one thing or place a frame around it

Raised 4 children, but so have other women

What can I say about your life?

Sadness creeps in, fearing this is my legacy as well

Though I know my mother is great, she is my mother

The prestige bar adjusts with each generation

Each new child raises the bar

Like a skater whose single axel jumps are no longer impressive

Triples, or quadruple are the measure now.

A clean house, with white sheets and nappies whipping in the wind

Were a mark of her triumph then

Now these all seem tired and grey

Mother, what have you done with your wild, precious life?

My mind grappling for something, that can be held up

Placed on a shelf

Waiting for awestruck eyes to open

“Wow’s “to escape through oval shaped mouths

A tweetable moment

Despite her feet have walked miles, across oceans

Arms fatigued from holding children, baskets of laundry

Filling in the gap for a husband who abandoned her

It is not newsworthy at this time 

Greatness is an obnoxious word, expectations placed too high

Pressure to prove who you are, your worth on this earth

Measuring our lives value by standards that only few can reach

Triple axels are impossible for most, single is attainable

Does this mean that 99% of people die disheartened?

Who sets these standards?

People, do!

So, what have you done with your wild, precious life


You have lived, wept, laughed, failed, succeeded,

Created a home for a family to thrive.

That is the greatest achievement of all

Take a pause: Achieving Greatness is inside you

Greatness is inside of us, not outside

Outside greatness changes like the wind

While inside greatness holds still, bolts your feet to the ground

Lifts you up to your own personal heights

Comparing your worth by other’s standards is absurd

It is an impossible feat; you will never win

Learning how to access your inner greatness is the greatest gift of all.

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