The creative process is the greatest mysteries of being human

The ability to envisage future and past, create and tell stories

Colour gray to pink, dance like no one’s watching

To music that was inspired by the same spark

When we create our world stops spinning

Time stops, jaws relax, eyes freeze on a spot

Peripheral distractions absorb into the painted walls

You may not relate to this

You are not the creative sort

Apologies, first, for bursting your bubble

Your bubble that is convinced you lack imagination

If human, you carry the genome for creativity

None of us would be where we are today without it

We would be still sitting on the ground rubbing a stick to a stone

Shivering, suffering from hypothermia

No, it worked, the fire started

You took the skin from the deer, wrapped it around your shoulders

Now you are double warm

Each problem got solved, one by one

Food now cooked, was much tastier and better for the belly

Leaves were placed on top of sticks for a dryer night

Each person offered their notions

Ideas that came from nowhere

Other than their imagination

This creative thinking continues now

Though our problems are more complex

Greater in numbers

Requiring more than two people sitting around a fire

We are now excessively aware of the troubles in the world

Hunger, terrorism, Brexit, Trump, coral reefs, extinction

Close to home

An unsatisfying job, a faulty stove, a child with autism, ironing left undone

Exasperated, disenchanted, confused

Where to start, where to focus our creative juices?

So, you might attempt to do it all

Or throw in the towel, live an auto pilot kind of life

Wondering why you are depressed and purposeless

Swinging from tree to tree until you crash and burn

Take a pause: Rebooting Creative Juices

Creativity helps you focus, but you need to focus first

Select one thing to solve at a time

If it’s cooking dinner, decide on what to make, buy the ingredients, and cook

A project at work?

Decide to solve the conundrum at work, not while cooking your dinner

Reading to your child or watching a movie,

Leave the phone off and the work project alone

Read with expression, make it fun, as with the movie, be entertained

Recall the moments the happy times in your life

You had to be there, in that moment

Being creative

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