Happiness or joy, which one do you choose?

“Happiness!”, you may instinctively respond.

Joy, you’ll take that as well, maybe.

Most are in the habit of choosing happiness.

This feeling of reaching upwards to touch the sweetness of achievement.

“I got it!”

How happy I am, all that slogging and hard work, it’s mine!

To sustain that happiness, you then reach a little higher, achieve, and wham!

You got it again!

Now the reach is higher and almost impossible to touch, there you go again.

Again, and again!

There comes a point when someone else’s fingers rest on the happiness you want.

Now you are left empty and seeking again.

Life unfolds and plods on, searching for a feeling that sticks around briefly.

It gets harder and harder to maintain the grasp on happiness.

Now joy, the feeling you were too quick to dismiss.

Never faulters, resting inside your heart, no need to achieve a thing.

It speaks to you when you bite into a chocolate éclair, the cream oozing into your mouth.

Joy emerges when a child squeals and giggles, when your shoulders touch the suns rays.

Reaching is unnecessary for it is always accessible.

Yet, striving for happiness seems to be the preferred choice.

For it provides a rush, a moment of high.

Happiness relies on other people to praise and validate you.

To give you the job, choose you over others.

Tell you how special you are.

Happiness are the clothes that demonstrate your beauty and worth.

The device or expensive car alerts the world that you are a success.

At some point the car loses its allure, the device needs updating.

Joy never loses its appeal; it rises up in the most inopportune times.

It does not discriminate; it is in every living being. 

We miss the enchantment of joy, because happiness is the in thing.

Like all fads, they eventually die.

Joy never dies!

Take a Pause: Embrace Joy Meditation

Close your eyes, take 3 deep breaths

Place your hand on your heart

Take another deep breath

Recall a moment of feeling joy.

Joy tends to emerge from a simple moment

Sit with that feeling for 2 – 10 minutes

Practice this daily

This will help you learn how to embed joy in your life.

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