‘Letting go’ is the most integral part of growth and developing confidence, though the hardest thing to do

Without it life will be an endless struggle

Baby Jane can teach us how

Baby Jane lies in her crib, one hand gripping onto her toes, shoving the other into her mouth

Daddy leans in, lifts her up, she clings to the sides of the railing… steadying herself giggles with delight, letting go, she flops back down

It’s a game she likes to play, ‘Hold on, Let go’

Letting go is where the fun begins

Baby Jane plays this game all day long; standing and falling, walking and tumbling

Daddy used to play that game as well, until adulthood trickled in

He now only plays half the game, ‘Hold on’, the ‘Letting Go’ part scares him to death

Baby Jane is not afraid, she fears nothing

One step, two steps, she falls, crawls, grabs onto the chair… another step, crumples to the ground

Grab, hold, and let go, the only way Baby Jane can learn and grow

Letting go, the final act, perhaps the most feared for adults, as they hover over her

Protecting her from unforeseen circumstances

But not for her, she enjoys the game

Without it her world would remain small

Watching his little girl practicing her dexterity skills, her daddy chews on his nails, his mind off onto random thoughts

Wondering about his job whether it is secure, the bills he has yet to pay, the dishes yet to be cleaned, his car that’s giving him gyp

Worrying about whether he may get sick, noting a soreness in his throat

Holding on, is where his game stops

Holding onto the people he loves, the job that supports his family, the car that gets him to his job, and his health, without it he can’t work

Letting go isn’t an option, so he holds on as if he and his family’s life depends on it

His body writhing with tension and fear

Baby Jane oblivious to her daddy’s turmoil, continues to play the game, honing her walking skills

Soon she too will learn to fear things like her daddy, she learns from him

He has perfected the art of holding onto his fretting thoughts of losing his job, his mother, his health, his car, and his precious Baby Jane 

But for now, Baby Jane plays without trepidation, without attachment to the couch, the chair, nor her daddy’s watchful eye

She uses them all to hold onto and then lets go and away she goes

No more struggle, she throws caution to the wind

Hold on, let go… one step, two steps, crash land 

Squeaking with delight, up she gets again

Letting go is where the fun begins

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