How do you want to feel?

Have you ever been asked that question?

Unquestionably, you’ve been asked how you don’t want to feel.

Or what I refer to as your ‘Go to Feelings’.

Those automatic, unconscious feelings that consistently show up;

Sad, tired, bored

Not bad,

Angry, depressed, guilty

Shame, embarrassed, anxious

Scared, fearful, overwhelmed

Insert your own feeling.

Though, how you would like to be.

Is like eating a sticky, peanut butter cracker the words get stuck in your throat.

A few words may come to mind, though.

Happy, peaceful, energetic

Many responses start with “not”.

Not afraid, not anxious, not sad

The list maybe long or farcically short.

Emotions that we want less of, pour out of us like an overloaded drain.

Feelings that we want, are like grasping at straws.

Once you identify an emotion you want to feel.

Can you describe it on a physical level?

Feeling that we prefer not to have are simpler to explain physically.

For instance, when angry; body tenses, heat rushes to the face, body enlarges,

Gut aches, underarms and palms sweat, hot energy soars through the body.

Anxiety’s physical expression is similar to anger, though the desire to run and hide,

Make yourself smaller, and the urge to cry, dominates.

If embarrassed, the body inherently shrinks in size, shoulders hunch, head drops,

Face flushes, palms sweat, tear ducts weep, legs turn to jelly.

When bored the body expresses itself with droopy shoulders, eyes cast down

You become heavy, weighted down, enveloped with tiredness.

What then does happiness feel like?

How do you physically experience them?

You may say when happy, your heartbeat and pulse intensify, shoulders relax,

Jaws loosen their grip, lightness shrouds your body, there is a kick in your step.

A moment of peace, feels like being encircled by a soft, warm blanket,

Body warms to the touch, heartrate slows, you feel light and heavy simultaneously.

Take Pause: How do you want to feel?

Ask yourself that question, each morning as you start your day.

You may wake up anxious, tired, or grumpy.

Instead ask “how do I want to feel today? ________

You fill in the Blank

Once you identify what it is, ask yourself, “how will my body experience ____________?”

In other words, how would you know you are feeling that feeling?

Set an intention for that day you will chase that feeling you want to feel for that day.

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