Please leave me alone

Says the self to the ego

Why do you keep hurting me?

The ego denies responsibility

Daily leading us to face the same old pitfalls and self-esteem squelchers?

Our egos are like punching bags

Being knocked upon and bruised relentlessly

The force of the boxer’s punch shakes its solid base

Lost in space, to only come back for more

A Jab, uppercut, then a hook

Swinging to and fro, securely attached to the ceiling

It is going nowhere, remaining fixed, inflexible

As with the punching bag, the ego will resist rather than accept

Hold on rather than let go

Despite the pain incurred, the wiping of the tears

It perseveres

Does this sound familiar?

You might be surprised you too face this everyday

Facing situations that frighten you, those confidence wobblers

Allowing big nosed, droopy mouthed people to critique your work

Placing your self-worth in their hands

Each day we confront the world swathed in bubble wrap

Until the world begins to throw its punches

Weaving and ducking throughout the day, you are

At last safely home, bruised and tired

Whew, now you can relax

Until the ego plops down facing you

Ranting on about all the slipups and mishaps made that day

Your inner self whispers to the ego to take a break

Take a chill pill

Let go and let live, it groans with exhaustion

Yet, the ego will have none of that

Until you choose to quieten it

Closing your eyes, breathing in and out

Quelling the voices of the stroppy ego

Gently placing the thoughts aside

Until the ego loses its hold

And eventually slinks away to stand by the door

Until tomorrow it declares

For now, I’ll rest.

Take a pause: Subdue the ego

Don’t allow the ego to control your life

When anxiety and exhaustion consume you

Close your eyes, breathe deeply

Pause, place the thoughts to the side

Notice how good you feel

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