Thrumming the edges of a new book 

Fingers skating across the shiny cover 

Joyfully anticipating what lies in between 

In between the before’s and after’s 

Before a story is told 

When you wait to enter a secret garden 

Oh, how this feeling never gets old 

She places her nose closer to the book 

Inhaling the aroma of fresh ink wafting through her nostrils 

Sucking the delight deeper into her lungs 

Nothing compares to this moment when time stands still; a magic moment 

Just before the first page is opened 

She always hesitates before reading a new book, holding out… not wishing to disrupt the sweetness of silence 

Magic moments are likened to an inch worm who wiggles itself into gaps, there but not quite there 

Between not yet knowing and knowing; stuck in the middle of before and after 

A space that exquisitely captures the essence of bliss 

She relishes sitting inside the crevice, lingering as long as she can 

Recalling other moments that are similar, but sadly lost 

Lost due to her innocent inattention of these magical moments 

Just before her first baby was born; before her life changed forever 

Wishing now she had sat still longer 

Too anxious for the birth of her little girl to savour it 

How many moments have been lost, she reflects? 

Looking out her window watching the sunrise above the adjacent buildings, splattering hues of pinks and oranges randomly on roofs and windows 

The moment before day begins and night ends 

She’s often too busy preparing for her day to notice; another moment lost 

Once on the other side of the gap, she knows, time speeds up 

Bliss sputters out; it’s too late to turn back 

Her fingers return to the book securely resting in her hands 

This time she waits, before entering into the garden, before turning the page 

Breathing deeply, closing her dreamy blue eyes 

Until her body saturates itself in bliss 

Realising with no degree of uncertainty 

This is the moment where magic happens 

Take a Pause: Magic Moments 

Make time each day to pick a Magic Moment 

Write it down, keep a journal of them 

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