Many Faces of Anxiety

Calming your inner storm: a breathing tool awaits you at the end

Inside a room seven people from all walks of life share their stories

All have had different lives, lives that would make your cringe

Some who seem all too ordinary

Yet, they all have one thing in common, they are anxious

Looking at the so-called ordinary folks, you might wonder what do they have to be fearful about?

Anxiety has no boundaries, it cares not about race, age, wealth, poverty, it does not discriminate

The seven could not have been more dissimilar, though they all feel the same, afraid

Sharing stories of lives, they’ve lived and lives they dream of living

Daydreaming of inner calm, thoughtless moments, gentle breezes, sun swept havens

All hold an inner world fraught with fear, hearts skipping to a loose beat, legs jiggling, breath sticking to their chest walls

Peering in through the window most appear to be fine, yet inside their protective container there’s a storm brewing, a storm that waits on the peripheral; on duty 24–7

Their bodies on guard, just in case a lion brushes by, or their tribe throws them to the wolves for being honest

It seems so unfair, though they all know they are not alone, seven in a single room, while billions too suffer from the same fate.

The same people who walk along the streets, drive in their cars, work at desks, use their hands to build, retirees, tiny children, the homeless… remember anxiety does not discriminate.

Returning back to the room the seven begin to feel more relaxed, their breathing settles into a rhythm, hands no longer entwined, heartbeats slower

Only now liberated from their angst, they are learning the tools to calm their inner storm

A storm retreating ever so slowly, though this time they are not alone

Take a pause: Square Box Breathing

Try this breathing technique to calm your inner storm

Inhale 4 counts

Hold breath 4 counts

Exhale 4 counts

Hold breath 4 counts or just pause here

Do this 4x a day, 4 sets

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