Meet the Gottas, I’m sure you are well acquainted with them.

They show up at your parties uninvited.

The unwelcome guests.

No one really likes them; they are annoying chatter boxes.

The ones who harass you, cringy, maddening mates.

Slinking, over your shoulder, breath stale with stench.

Whispering, “do more, get on with it, not done yet?”

They lean towards you, eyes rimmed in red.

“More to do”, they mutter.

The Gottas stalk you like a salesperson.

Spotting every move, you make.

Afraid to affix your eyes on something, a Gotta’s always lurking.

Pouncing towards you,

“Do you need help”, “Is it what you want” “buy it now”.

No thank you, you repeat, irritably.

I’m ok, I need time to think, give me a moment.

Gottas get you coming in and going out.

It stands between you and freedom.

Relishing in their repetitive mementos of what is left to be done.

Gotta do this.

Gotta do that.

Is it possible to live without the Gottas?

First you need to understand who they are.

They are self-imposed expectations,

Unnecessary pressures, that feel necessary.

Who says you Gotta to do something?

Not to be a party pooper.

It’s you!

Not your family, friends, boss, children, partner.

You are the one who invited the unsavoury guest in.

Unknowingly the guest became a sneering, whiny obnoxious voice.  

Who orders you around telling you how to spend your day?

Whether you can rest or call it a day.

Gottas started out as innocent play mates, mimicking your parents.

Teachers, TV shows, peers.

Until the Gottas attached to you, they became yours.

Gottas don’t need to hang around, you can ask them to leave.

Be direct, assertive, show who is boss.

They will inevitably show up again, keep asking them to leave.

It is only us who can un-invite a Gotta!

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