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Meet Your Teacher, Rebecca Jane

Yoga teacher Rebecca Jane is an eternal creative, she shares 25 years experience as a psychotherapist, yoga & mindfulness teacher, motivational speaker and writer.

Rebecca Jane teaches her yoga like she writes with a playful and imaginative slant, exposing students to yoga practices that open doors to new ways of moving, thinking and being.

Her thematic classes are Live & Online, 30 minutes daily and come in packs of 5 consecutive days. The regularity, short classes and live streaming are what makes her classes stand out from others.

Mindful mantras feature in every class blending Rebecca’s unique style of yoga and meditation. A distinctive experience designed to keep students motivated, physically strong and flexible and mentally resilient.

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8 – 8:30 am

Reverse ageing

Full body stretch

Invigorates muscles

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Mindful Yoga Benefits

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Increase flexibility

Weight loss

Helps Menopause

Reduces stress


Improved strength

Mindful yoga for beginnners with Rebecca Jane

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