Practice Presence

Curtailing the urge to slip into her minds clenched jaws, Presence practices being present

If caught, all bets are off, her remnants of peace will scatter like loose autumn leaves caught in the wind

Presence struggles with all her might to hold on… listening to the birds, fingering the water, focusing on the sun’s rays glistening through the trees

Her mind draws her back into its chaotic, ramshackle mess

Uttering nonsense, lobbing thoughts at her, demanding her attention

She is committed to practicing presence, so she does

Knowing that presence is where Joy rests

Joy, a radiant soul, pays no heed to the moaning and groaning babbling mind, she brushes him off

She cares not a jot of the tug of war between the emotional tides and the mind

Nor, its meticulously designed spiders web of synapses and neural connections… there to catch and digest the emotions

Joy waits patiently for Presence to return

She is fully aware of the mind’s dominion over Presence, an absurd relationship, for Presence is a kindly soul, who loves life

Yet, her nonchalant, easy going style frustrates the mind who stomps in with all guns… whipping up the waves, creating a storm out of the calm

This battle forges on, night and day, day and night

Until Presence sees a bird glide across the water, her mind stops to look as well

Both mind and presence have ceased fire

They gawk like two school children having seen a bird for the first time

It is a moment to relish… the two as one

Becoming bored the mind pokes a finger at Presence, enticing her to attend to him

The bird flutters around, skimming over their heads, swooping down to snatch the crumb lying on their blanket

For another instance, the mind pauses… his finger frozen in mid-air

Presence watches both the bird and the mind, anticipating the minds flightiness, holding gently to its tether each time it wanders off

Exhausted, Presence rests, giving the mind a moment to play amongst the rocks before reeling him back in again

She does this all day, everyday… for years, until the mind and Presence join as one

She does this all day, everyday… for years, until the mind and Presence join hands ending the battle

Neither lost, both are one

Date for your diary Mental Health Awareness Week May 18th – 24th 2020. Book your workshop on Mindful Sleeping – this year’s theme.