Cultivating the Art of Patience

Patience is hard to come by in a fast-paced culture.

This is not your fault, the problem is with the culture we live in.

You are going against the grain.

Our ability to be patient requires a patient environment to nurture it.

Our bodies adapt to the culture and people around us.

If urgency is the norm, then the body assumes the crisis posture.

Breathing quickens, settling in the chest cavity, heart rates remain above resting.

Even when inactive.

Relaxing is almost impossible.

This busy culture has infiltrated most people’s lives with impatience.

This is now the way of life.

Talking has sped up, walking is no longer a meander.

Meetings end and begin on the dot; diaries are filled months in advance.

Busy means you are important.

Spontaneity is no longer a familiar word.

Although, patience is desired, as much peace and tranquillity.

Our bodies have equipped themselves to act quickly.

Slow movements are associated with the aged or those who lack ambition.

Cultivating patience today is not an easy feat.

We crave it.

Desperately need it.

Mindfulness and yoga classes are sought after with vengeance.

Filled to capacity.

Rushing to classes, impatiently trying to clear the mind and relax.

Nothings working, you’ve given it a go.

You often find you are exasperated and give up.

As stated earlier, ‘it’s not your fault, you are impatient, it’s the culture you live in.

Your body needs time and patience to reverse years of habituation.

Take a pause: Cultivating Patience

To cultivate patience requires practicing patience.

Practice mindfulness, sitting in silence.

Join a yoga, or Tai Chi class.

It will take time and consistency to cultivate patience.

Remember you are going against the grain.

Keep trying, eventually your body will succumb and slow down.

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