Don’t want to rock the boat

Keep your mouth shut tight,

Hold still

It easier to say nothing

Or move at all

Making a change, stepping out,

Will indeed rock the boat, that’s for sure

Should you stay where you are to appease those around you,

Or take the leap?

Are you afraid to shake people’s lives up, yours as well?

Despite a niggly feeling reverberating through your body, screaming,

Shake it up baby!!!

Of course, you don’t want to rock the boat

The boat may tip over

Leaving your loved ones and you stranded in the water

Left swimming for safety or worse, drowning

This is the worst case scenario, possibly your greatest fear

Though, does rocking the boat inevitably lead to tipping it over?

Despite the prickly feeling, your intuition

The universes’ signs shrewdly placed along your path

You may decide to ignore them all, and remain put

A capsized boat, a failed attempt, scares the living daylights out of you

Keep the boat stable, sit in the centre, make sure it does not rock

Life Lessons shared from wise people who are equally afraid of upturning the boat

You live an ordinary life, the extra ordinariness has no chance

Dreams of Greatness slip away

Ordinariness remains the status quo, what’s wrong with that?

Great grandad, grandma, father, mother remained safely on the boat

Holding it steady for you as well, as you will do for your children

Take a pause:

What if, you were the one to Rock the Boat?

Break the cycle of complacency

Take a leap of faith

Chances are the boat would stay afloat, sway it may

Loved ones will adjust their seats

All will survive, that is guaranteed

They may voice upset for shaking things up

But eventually the boat steadies itself and life goes on

Only this time you are no longer ordinary, but extra ordinary

Adding an extra to your ordinariness

“Shake it up baby, twist and shout”

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