The Search for life’s meaning

Another day at the café

A day awaits, coffee cup pressed into her hands

Sipping from the cup, warmth travelling down her throat 

Eyes turned upward, looking towards a display of books 

Waiting for inspiration of some kind, wondering what she is doing here, not the café per se

But with her life

Spellbound with thoughts, shuffling through each one 

In hopes something new and fresh may drop in for a change

As always, her thoughts rarely change, same preoccupation with the search

The search for something, she does not know

Her innards wrestling with one another, between staying as is or changing

She looked over the top of her cup, sweeping the room again 

Catching a glimpse of people engrossed in their worlds 

Wondering if they too are in deep contemplation

Are they too questioning their purpose?

Or is this just her?

Curiosity is a vital force, without it, life is dreary, like a damp rainy day

With it, your mind can venture anywhere, go on limitless adventures

Children wonder all time

Why is the sky blue, they ask?

Can we fly like birds? Or swim across the ocean? 

With age, those questions become embarrassingly trivial

Wondering loses its childlike lust

The simplicity is replaced by difficult, unanswerable questions

Instead of exploring the colour of a flower, or the journey of an ant

Meaning of life enquiries take precedence

Could the meaning of life actually be in the petals of the flowers?

Or the ant’s arduous task of carrying a burden larger than their body? 

Next time you find yourself questioning life’s path

Look at what is directly in front of you

Wonder on the simple things, you just might find your answer

Take a pause: To wonder 

Close your eyes 

Imagine sitting on the ground like a child

Watching an ant or whatever it is you wish

Explore the details of the ant, what it is carrying

Where it is going to

Sit in awe as you wonder about this creature

Do this with flowers, birds, plants, clouds

You might just find your answer

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