Shrink or Expand

Taking up too much space or not enough

We start out small, then incrementally grow bigger

Everyone expects you to grow, it’s what occurs when little

Though once you reach a certain age, things switch

Growing too big is a problem or big is cool and healthy

Small is quaint and dainty

Depending on your family, culture, or gender

The message goes like this;

“What a big and strong boy you are?

“Look how petite you are, so little”

Too tiny, eat more

To big, eat less

The amount of space you take up becomes the central focus

Taking up too much space is frowned upon for some

Bigger is better for others

Words wedged in your body’s memory

Was it to take up space or less space?

Less space meant becoming small, almost invisible, mouse-like

Lots of space provided you with the scope to grow and expand

Speak your mind, eat with voracity, expose your largeness

Little space people tirelessly sidestepped risks, consumed teeny amounts of food

Their smallness celebrated, “you’ve lost weight, how good you look”

Gained weight, not so good, unless you are too small

Bigger space people carry a burden to either take up less space or maintain their largeness

The dilemma we all face is to shrink or expand,

If too skinny, shy, or lack confidence the pressure to expand is unrelenting

Too big for your britches, belly roll, an assertive style, smaller seems to be preferred

You can’t win!

Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old environmental activist, tiny in stature

Larger than life with resolve,

Through her grand style she sends large men reeling

Trying to squelch her grandness

Quiet down, little one, you are only young, what do you know?

Fortunately, she does not acquiesce 

Are you too wrestling with this dilemma?

Take a pause: Big or small?

Take a few minutes and check in with yourself

Are you trying to make yourself bigger or smaller?

How does this impact your wellbeing and happiness?

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