The Secret to Solving Life’s Problems

Imagine there is a system inside you that has the solution to all your problems.

Yes, inside you!

Did you know you had such a thing?

An inbuilt tool for solving problems,

A spiderweb-like structure that weaves throughout your body

This is Fascia.

Who would have known such a thing exists.

Simply by breathing deeply and stretching, your problems become smaller.

More manageable.

How does it work?

When difficulties arise, the body tenses. 

The Fascia, a seamless, stretchy layer, grips onto life’s problems.

Like a spider’s web clutches on to a housefly.

Only releasing the tension following a deep breath and a stretch.

Once the stiffness frees itself, the problem minimises or disappears.

Our bodies send us subtle messages letting us know if we are okay or not.

Fascia while it appears deceptively fragile is very strong and incredibly flexible.

By being in tune with your body’s holding of tension, you can change how you feel.

Intuitively sensing the need to stretch.

If your back is tight and sore take a forward bend.

Shoulder rolls loosen the grip of the stress being carried in your shoulders.
Smiling relaxes the fascia wrapped around the jaw and the eyes.

When people mention achy backs, tight hips, headaches, or sleepless nights.

They are talking about the state of their Fascia.

Headaches often are caused by pressure around your temples or jaw.

Insomnia may be your body worrying, resulting in restlessness and racing thoughts.

The solution to life’s problems may be in the Fascia.

Take a pause: Solving problems by breathing and stretching the Fascia

When the Fascia is more pliable and hydrated, our bodies move easier.

Moving with more ease, makes us feel better, physically and emotionally.

Stretching helps to increase flexibility in the Fascia.

Deep belly breathing hydrates the Fascia.

If you want to help solve life’s problems.

Stretch and take deep breaths daily. 

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