Speaking up is hard to do

Fearful of creating conflict?

or not being liked?

Speaking up as a child, were you chastised?

Stop complaining, you!

Get over it!

Shut up!

Too emotional, in a bad mood, hormonal you are

So, you shut down, smother your feelings

Eradicate each word, one by one

Calculating the impact

Questioning the validity of your feelings

Speak up, but be careful you!

Beginning with parents whispering in your ears, shush

Stop crying my little one, rocking, feeding, and pacifying you

You were too loud, your cries needed immediate attention

This is how your words and feelings innocuously are stifled

It happens to most, words spoken from the heart,

Expunged before they have a chance to blossom

The voice yearning to be heard, gets suppressed

This rarely happens out of malice, it just does

Our voices go undercover, incognito

Being channelled and projected through other means

Yelling at the slow driver relieves the holding back of tension

Gossiping about a colleague who casually walks past

Drinking to lubricate the rusty vocal chords

Voices restricted now freed to express themselves

But only now towards an innocent victim

Who was just minding their own business

Paths meeting, your voice desperate to be heard, lashes out

Subjugates the innocent victim

Looking for outlets for your voice; politicians, the barking dog, the skateboarding kid.

It’s safer that way, it is unlikely you will see them again

While your parents, friends, colleagues, and children

Not so safe, you must keep quiet around them

Yes, speaking up is hard to do

Though not speaking your truth will destroy you

Take a pause: Speaking your truth: Ujjayi Breath

Take a deep breath, close your eyes

Inhale through your nose

Create a whispering noise by constricting your glottis, the flap at the bottom of your throat.

Exhale through your mouth as if you are fogging up a mirror

Breath in, ocean noise

Breath out, fog up the imaginary mirror

Repeat x10

Once the throat relaxes you will feel more at ease

Speak slowly and thoughtfully but speak your truth 

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