Tell me a story about the girl who had to run to stay true to her heart

Laying in her mother’s arms a story is told

A story taking her on a journey overseas, across mountains, into the fiery, dusty streets of Calcutta

Her head melts further into her mother’s chest

Feeling and hearing the beat of her heart

Her mother begins

‘Once upon a time there was a little girl, Aditi

Her skin was buttery brown, her eyes sparkled when she smiled

She loved to run; her legs moved like the wind’

The story pauses

Her mother turns her head to look at her

Wide eyed, urging her to go on, 

she inhales deeply and continues

‘The minute Aditi woke up each morning she ran

Ran to school, home from school, after school, until bedtime’

Why did she love to run?

With a slight smile slipping around the corners of her mother’s mouth,

She explained

‘Aditi’s name means free and unbounded; she had to run.

She would often pretend she was sleek cat

Slinking down on her knees eyeing her prey, then vaulting forward to catch it

Sometimes she turned into an antelope with long, sinewy legs

Always outracing the hungry lion who found her tempting

At times she switches roles and became the lion

It was at these times she felt the happiest, most alive

Home, she found dull, cooking and cleaning

Sitting down to do her homework, was worse

She felt confined, caged in like a zoo animal

Aditi was meant to be free; you see’

She never wavered, always staying true to her heart

Her mother’s melodic voice began to lull her tired body

Her huge, brown eyes looked up towards her, waiting for what was to come next

‘You see Aditi never stopped running despite her parents’ wishes

They wanted her to slow down, learn to sew, clean and cook

For one day she would become a wife and a mother

Her mother watched her little girl slip into sleep, not having the energy to wait to hear the ending

She placed her lips next to her ear and whispered, Aditi

You are meant to be free and unbounded

“Sleep my child and tomorrow you will run

Always stay true to your heart”

Take a pause: Stay true to your heart

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