Stepping out the door an arctic blast slices her cheeks

Rainy, grim were the streets of Berlin

Letting the feet guide her into the unknown

Next to her, is her son

Tall and lean, hair spiking several inches above his head

Taking her arm as her legs are much shorter

Catching the tram towards the West Side

Where she is being taken, where she will end up, she does not know

Stepping lightly from the tram onto the platform they begin to walk

Their destination unknown

Along the way people sipping coffee through steamy café windows

Dipping their fork seductively into fanciful pastries, dipped in chocolate, oozing creamy custard 

Her feet turning colder with each step

Exploring streets never seen before

Her son and son-in-law walk ahead; faster to keep warm

Lost in their conversation 

Looking back only to make sure she is still there

She catches their eyes, “I’m still here”, she whispers; they continue walking with haste

Her eyes fixated on sights never seen before

Accents waft past her ears, grungy streets lay beneath her feet

Listening intently to the stories that lace the streets of Berlin

Raising her eyes up towards a brightly lit window burgeoning with life

Down, toward gold polished ‘Stumbling Stones’ or Stolpersteine, marking the family that lived there once

Returning her gaze back towards the window, eyes brimming with tears

Her own stories now seemingly inconsequential

Eyeing her beautiful son, standing tall and lithe, holding the hand of his husband

He peers over at her, with a gentle smile, as she wipes her tear stained face

She sighs and returns the smile

 “I’m still here”

Take a pause: Observing Details

Most people live an autopilot existence

Days blur, weeks blur, and years as well

Our long-term memories hold onto significant details

While in Berlin, my attention to detail was hyper focused

Hence, I recalled events, emotions, hair, smells, sounds,

I was mindful!

To experience this more frequently, step out of ordinary routines; unknowns

Write or tell people about it.

At events, rather than zoning out, stay present, explore the things around you as well as your inner world.

You will be happier for it.

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