The Gift of the Unknown

Laying on her back, staring at the ceiling, the crack she’s seen a thousand times

Wondering what next, where to go, stand still, move forward

Hoping an answer may pop out of nowhere

Not knowing weighs heavy on her body

Get up for what?

Get up why?

Waiting for a sign; a hint of inspiration

The same crack, the same room, the same bed

She gets ups, one leg out, next leg, sits on the edge of her bed

Pauses again, looks out the same window

Today it is rainy, clouds hang heavy, grey and dark

Not a day to venture out

Though something inside her pushes her forward

Off the bed, now standing up

Walking to the kitchen, pouring the milk in the cup for coffee

Bread placed in the toaster for toast

What propels her to keep moving

She does not know

Something that lives deep within, that whispers in her ear

Keep going, keep moving,

Her hands surround the warm cup of steamy coffee

The toast saturated in butter and strawberry jam lay on plate next to her

She smiles,

Unknowns are little discoveries along the way

Interesting moments that coat your heart and soul

Do you have to know where you are going?

Can you live for now?

Exploring the beauty and magic of this moment?

Observing the minute details and seeing where they take you?

Coffee finished; crumbs strewn over the bottom of the plate.

Wiping the last crumb from the corner of her mouth

She lifts herself up again, towards the shower

What will this day bring for her?

How will I feel, she ponders?

What if I allow it to unfold on its own, with a little help from the structure in already in place

Without caring where it goes

Not knowing is the most beautiful gift

It plants the seeds for creativity to take root, for passion to appear

The seed of life

She steps outside into the rain

Taking a pause

She smiles and whispers

Let’s see what the day will bring

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