Are you Wasting Time?

Dappled colours streaming through the leaves of an old Oak tree.

Reflecting their shapes upon his skin, his face reaching towards what was left of the sun’s rays that day.

Moving towards the bench to sit, an Alice in Wonderland kind of bench.

Just wasting time

No agenda in place, schedules to keep.

Entertaining frivolous thoughts, wiggling his toes to his made-up tunes.

Ryan, remerged from the stillness of time, rubbing his sun kissed eyelids, watching the couple on the bench across the way.

Each of their hands wrapped around a takeaway coffee, staring like zombies into their phones, periodically sharing a funny post; the only interaction he could tell.

Are they wasting time, staring into the portals of other people’s lives, dreaming they could travel more, be more, aspire for more?

While Ryan sits with his feet far from the ground, squirrels scurry around him frantically gathering nuts, time is of the essence for them, winter is approaching.

Are humans time wasters?

Ryan’s dog, sleeps much of the day; urgency a rarity in his life. When is time wasting, good, bad, productive, or non-productive?

Although, he felt revived and at ease, a shadow of guilt slipped in.

Was today a wasted day?

Should he have written that email, gone for a jog, taken his dog on a long walk?

He recognises the moral high ground he has taken with the two hooked to their phones; the squirrel gets a high five for preparing for the future.

Checking in again, he felt at ease and refreshed, it was not until the ‘shoulds’ and guilt began filtering in, things changed.

Who decides what is wasted or not, perhaps it depends on how you end up feeling?

Ryan recalls the empty and hollow feelings following a round of Netflix or Facebook, at times it felt just right to zone out, sometimes not.

See, Ryan is always thinking, questioning, rarely living, searching for the why’s and what ifs.

Scrutinising the littlest things, his time is wasted on his should or shouldn’ts, right or wrongs?

Missed chances, wrong turns.

But for now, he feels just fine.

Startled, the scurrying squirrel lands next to him, pausing, looking straight at Ryan with his beady eyes, flicking tail, and paws encircling a nut.

Without word the squirrel answered for him.

Take a Pause: Be and do what feels right for you.

Run if you wish, sit still, stare, plan, move, skip, jump if it feels right; then you are assured no time was wasted.

Check in first with how you feel before the niggles of guilt waft in. If you feel right, then no time was wasted.

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