Motivation drives us but do you ever wonder how?

Extrinsically or Intrinsically motivated?

Let’s meet Extrinsic and Intrinsic

Extrinsic enjoys the finer things in life, says she

Her heart shaped sunglasses reflect her desires

She shops when bored

Shoes overflow from her clothes packed closet

Extrinsic craves praise

She gets a rush when attaining goals and planning

Striving always to be the best

Now, if you ask Extrinsic if she is happy

It will depend on what she is doing in that moment

If you ask her shortly after receiving a complement, or a praise for work well done.

Then chances are she will respond with an emphatic, “yes”

Although, if Extrinsic is stuck in the middle, with not much happening

“No” or “ok” is likely to be her answer

Now Intrinsic is a whole different kettle of fish

Imagine her with eyes that twinkle day and night, rain or shine

No dark glasses required

Her happiness emerges from within

She still awakes with a plan, but flows effortlessly through the day

Rarely seeks admiration, though lets it penetrate if given

Her aspirations are internally motivated, money is not that important

Indeed, security comforts her, but there is no need to compulsively seek it

Intrinsic loves a challenge, views it as an opportunity to grow

Outcomes are not as crucial as the journey is

She heeds to her intuition, makes decisions based on her internal values

Follows the feelings that align with her true nature.

Good health and suppleness lift her up, ease her stride

The two motivators meet, one speaks raucously, the other unpretentiously

Tension spills from Extrinsic

Soft light envelops Intrinsic

Take a pause: Motivated Intrinsically Meditation

Close your eyes

Take a deep, nourishing breath

Feel the breath enter your nostrils, down your throat, and into your lungs

Breathe in again: happiness, contentment, peace

Breath out: compulsivity, tension, and irritability

Breathe in and pause, when pressured feelings arise

Breathe out, let go of those feelings

Breathe in lightness, grace, gentleness

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