Where do you start?

What if you want to change?

Where do you start?

Starting is the hardest part, imagining is easy.

Whether it be exercising, cleaning the stove, or paying your bills.

You might desire a new job, a dinner party, or to paint a picture.

No matter what it is where do you start?

Start with the first step.

This might be a step too far.

Instead of the first step your mind jumps ahead.

To places of failure, the arduousness of the task.

Why not lie down and rest for a while longer?

Start tomorrow.

Remain in fantasy land for another day.

Envisaging a skinny body or that perfect job.

The stove can be placed on the back burner, as can the bills.

Relieved that the familiar commute lays ahead, the same Saturday night TV shows.

Despite craving change, there is this tiny voice whispering, “stay the same”.

Staying the same requires little effort, you can continue to live on autopilot mode.

The brain is partially to blame, calculating its energy reserves, like an avaricious accountant.

Change depletes supplies faster, staying the same allows the brain to idle.

Resembling a car waiting at a light it uses less petrol.

Press the accelerator more petrol is consumed.

This is a no brainer.

The brain chooses idling over momentum.

If you want to take a step to change, you need to bypass the brains preference.

Simply take the first step, switch on the default button.

Inform the brain, it is time to change.

Resist the urge to flop back on the couch.

Take the first step.

Take a pause: Take the first step

Ask yourself what is it you have been putting off?

Choose one thing, the least life altering one first.

Decide to do it, despite the brain’s little whisper.

Now that you know it is just there to conserve your energy.

Take the first step, once done, do it again until the habit sticks.

This is where you start!

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